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Materials & Options

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Sourced in North America, Basswood is a hardwood that provides excellent stability and high density from closely spaced growth rings. For this reason, it is ideal for larger installations or high-traffic areas as it has additional strength over other hardwoods.

Otherwise known as Lime, Linden or Tilia wood, Basswood is lightweight and high quality with a consistent, smooth grain which makes it perfect to paint. The likelihood of the timber warping is low due to its engineered core, providing exceptional dimensional stability. Mortice and tenon joinery is used on all of our wooden shutters. Before going through the machine process, every shutter is extensively kiln dried.



Originating in North Asia, Paulownia is a hardwood that is lightweight, strong and fast growing. With a full FSC certification, the Paulownia timber we used comes from a certified sustainable source.

Compared to Basswood, Paulownia is somewhat less dense due to the growth rings in the wood being widely spaced. To compensate, the timber is treated with a specialised coating before it is passed through our advanced painting process. The wood is ideal for both painting and staining to a high quality. This is due to the low oil content, smooth grain texture and knot-free appearance. Like Basswood, Paulownia has outstanding dimensional stability so the risk of warping is reduced.

Every part of the shutter, including the top and bottom rails, mid rails, stile, louvres, and frame, are made from Paulownia. There is a slight difference with the style of the clear view rods for opening and closing the louvres on the Paulownia shutters compared to the others in our range, to allow for a smoother movement and reduce strain on the wood.


Best suited for places with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and wetrooms, our UPVC shutters are completely waterproof. They are more suitable for rooms where hygiene is central. Produced using man made materials; these shutters offer a smoother finish and will last longer than wooden shutters. UPVC shutters will never flake, warp or peel, plus they have an exceptional temperature operating range.



Louvre size

For Paulownia and Basswood: 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm or 114mm
For UPVC: 63mm, 76mm or 89mm
These size options are available with ‘Tilt Rod’, ‘Hidden Tilt Rod’ or ‘Clearview’


This option allows separate parts of the shutter to be tilted individually, offering more light control. For example, open the top section to allow sunlight to brighten the room, whilst the lower section is closed for privacy.

Tilt Rod

For a sleek, modern look, choose between the ‘Hidden Tilt Rod’ or ‘Clearview’ options to open the louvres. If you want a more classic style, opt for the ‘Central Tilt Rod’ or ‘Offset Tilt Rod’.

Integrated darkening blind

There is also an option to include a darkening blind that is fitted behind the shutters. This can help to block any light entering the room, no matter what time of day.

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